Cancellation Policy


We believe that during these uncertain times our guests deserve peace of mind when spending their hard-earned money on a dream vacation. We pride ourselves on our flexibility and we always work hard to provide the best options for our guests. Therefore, we are putting our “unwritten” flexible policies into writing so that all of our guests know exactly what to expect should an unforeseen circumstance threaten to interrupt their trip.

The following is our “normal” cancellation policy:

A written notice of cancellation is acceptable to refund paid monies if received a minimum of 60 days prior to arrival date‏‏.‏‏ A full refund of deposits paid minus the original Processing Fee plus a $250 cancellation service fee will be provided for cancellations made prior to 60 days of arrival date. Notices not received within th‏‏is ‏‏timeframe will forfeit all paid monies. No refunds will be given due to inclement weather or any other natural weather forces, failure to arrive or early departure for any reason. We have an obligation to pay our owners for reserved time at their properties therefore we cannot refund outside of specified timeline for reasons such as flight cancellations, travel restrictions, cancelled events, etc. Undesirable weather, environmental conditions, beach conditions, tropical storms and hurricane warnings do not entitle guests to a refund. We encourage guests to purchase travel insurance and upon checkout you will be presented with your insurance options.

Cancellations due to Covid or Covid-related travel bans*:

If rental properties in Florida, in the county of your booking, are banned from accepting guest check-ins we will refund 100% of your reservation, including all taxes and fees. While we cannot be responsible for travel bans or quarantine orders imposed by the guests' state or country we will waive our cancellation policy and offer to do our best to rebook the property. Guests will receive a refund if we are able to re-rent the home for the cancelled dates. The refund amount may be less than the original rental rate paid to reserve the home. The original processing fee is non-refundable. We cannot guarantee that we will be able to rent the property at the same rate or for the same number of nights as the original booking. 

*If cancelling a reservation 14 days or less prior to check-in we will be unable to provide this flexible policy and the original “normal” cancellation policy will apply.

Travel Insurance

Please understand that we have a contractual obligation to remit rental payments to our property owners for any time that is reserved at one of their properties. Therefore, we encourage you to protect your trip. We have partnered with RentalGuardian and InsureStays in order to better protect our owners and guests. Upon checkout you will be provided with two options to insure your trip - Traditional travel insurance and CFAR (Cancel for any Reason) insurance.

We HIGHLY RECOMMEND you review these policies and choose one that you think will provide your family with the coverage you need based on your comfort level.

Traditional travel insurance: This fully reimburses the cost of the booking, if a covered event occurs that forces a guest to cancel the trip.  These are things like being hospitalized.  This can be purchased by citizens of almost any country. For more information on Traditional insurance click here.

Cancel For Any Reason (CFAR) insurance: This is what it sounds like - it pays out if a guest cancels a trip for any reason at all, even one that isn't covered.  The catch is that it only pays out 60% of the costs if you don't have a covered reason.  At the moment, this can be purchased only by U.S. citizens. For more information on CFAR insurance click here.