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50 (Yes, Fifty) Anna Maria Island Golf Cart Rental Operations to choose from on your AMI Vacation

If I needed a gentle reminder that I’d be crazy to get into the golf cart rental business on Anna Maria Island, I received it during the course of researching this post. Consumer demand for street-legal golf cart rentals in FL is very strong, as evidenced by the number of providers out there who offer weekly golf cart rentals on Anna Maria Island.

Golf cart rentals on Anna Maria Island

Parking a full sized vehicle or SUV on the island can be a challenge depending upon the time of year and availability of spots. Although golf carts are not allowed on the beaches themselves, they can be an easier way to navigate and find parking. Licensed and insured golf carts are legal on every street in AMI, and all speed limits on-island are 35MPH or under. An average golf cart can travel roughly 25 miles on a full charge, giving you plenty of range to get where you need to go and back safely.

As a reminder, your golf cart rental on Anna Maria Island may only be operated by Licensed Drivers, and each passenger must have his/her seat belt/restraint buckled. It is not uncommon for golf cart passengers to be pulled over and cited for not wearing seat belts. Weekly golf cart rentals on the island can vary in price from as low as $150/week to upwards of $800/week, depending upon the time of year, type of cart and supply/demand.

Here are a few common questions and answers concerning golf cart rentals on Anna Maria Island.

Is a golf cart rental street legal on Anna Maria Island?

Yes they are! Golf carts are classified under Florida law as “Low Speed Vehicles or LSV’s”. LSV’s are fully street legal on any street in AMI with a speed limit is 35 mph or less.

How old do I need to be to rent a golf cart on Anna Maria Island?

Most golf cart rental policies are similar to traditional rental cars, and the driver of the cart must be 21 years or older with a valid drivers license and have valid insurance. Drivers are generally required to sign a liability waiver as well as provide license information and proof of auto insurance prior to driving the cart.

How far can a rental golf cart travel on a full charge?

Range will vary depending upon manufacturer and the type of battery system in each individual cart. Range will typically be between 20-60 miles on a single charge!

How do I charge my rental golf cart?

Most golf cart rental providers will deliver your cart to your rental address with a plug in charger. Simply plug the charger into a normal 120V outlet and hook the cart to the charger.

Even with the huge number of rental providers out there, availability of rental carts can be scarce at certain times of the year. If you are planning a vacation visit to the island, and are interested in renting a golf cart to explore during your stay, here is a list of (50) different golf cart rental providers who offer service on AMI.

1 - AMI Golf Cart Rentals Holmes Beach -

2 - Fun and More Rentals -

3 - Going Native Golf Cart Rentals -

4 - Anna Maria Island Golf Cart Rentals -

5 - Anna Maria Island Golf Carts -

6 - Gulf Coast Carts -

7 - Beach Bums Recreational Rentals -

8 - Robinhood Rentals AMI -

9 - AMI Golf Cart Rentals -

10 - Lazy Turtle Beach Rentals -

11- The Toy Barn -

12 - Once Upon a Beach Carts -

13 - The Island Golf Carts -

14 - AMI Beach Buggys -

15 - Come-N-Go Rentals -

16 - AMI Rentals -

17 - AMI Beach Fun Rentals -

18 - Zoomaround -

19 - AMI Golf Cart Rentals South -

20 - Lux Golf Carts -

21 - Beach N Rides -

22 - Surfs Up Cart Rentals -

23 - Sunshine Gulf Carts -

24 - Performance Custom Golf Carts -

25 - Ocean Breeze Golf Cart Rentals -

26 - Ride A Moke -

27 - Razor Golf Carts -

28 - PAG Golf Carts -

29 - Beach Ride Golf Cart Rental -

30 - Sarasota Free Golf Cart Rentals -

31 - Rent and Ride Street Carts -

32 - St Pete Golf Carts -

33 - Just 4 Fun Beach Rentals -

34 - Golf Car Outlet -

35 - Leisure Products -

36 - Good Vibes Island Rides -

37 - Goin Coastal Golf Cart Rental -

38 - Golf Carts Siesta Key -

39 - SeaBreeze Carts -

40 – Breeze Carts -

41 – Destine Elite Carts -

42 – SKRT -

43 – Tri State Golf Carts -

44 – AMI Adventure Rentals -

44 – Suncoast Carts Unlimited -

45 – 888Buggiez -

46 – PrideCarts -

47 – Blue Mountain Beach Carts -

48 – ATM Golf Cart Rental -

49 – Island Cart Excursions -

50 – GolfCartRentalsAnnaMariaIsland -

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